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With over 32 years of high-level medical and law enforcement experience, we are fact finders. Excelsior Consultants I, Inc. will provide you with private investigative and legal nurse consulting services for a wide variety of cases and situations, including, but not limited to: 

All Investigations
Process Serving
Location photography & video
Locate & Interview Witnesses

Arson/Explosives Investigations

Worker's Compensation/Insurance Fraud
Criminal Cases
Civil Cases
Missing persons

One-stop-shopping for all your litigation needs.  Excelsior Consultants I, Inc. will obtain information on the whereabouts, identity, and conduct of potential witnesses and parties involved.  We conduct background investigations of people and/or companies, and conduct surveillance to uncover deceit. We pre-screen job applicants; potential business partners, and businesses before you make a commitment.  We perform location photography and/or video documentation for any scene. We also carry out process serving for civil and criminal cases.  

Start to finish we will find the facts and analyze the information obtained.  Let us put the pieces of the puzzle together for you.  We use state-of-the-art technology, including GPS tracking devices.  Integrity and confidentiality you can trust!


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Infidelity investigations


That knot in your stomach ...

We know this is a difficult time.  It can be emotionally overwhelming when an affair is suspected.  Feelings of disappointment, anger,  and betrayal, run wild.   Scenarios are imagined… conversations and clues revisited… hearts pound… lost sleep... due to the sadness and uncertainty over the relationship. 



Uncertainty and concerns about spousal infidelity are likely to have devastating effects on daily life. Sometimes it is just not knowing the truth that holds one back from moving on.  When the truth is revealed, there is peace of mind.     

Our team will seek out the truth, while making the entire investigative process as easy as possible.   

GPS (global positioning systems) Tracking technology is available to track vehicles to exact locations.  Tracking reports can locate a vehicle 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and can include details such as addresses, duration at location, and speed.


Common signs of infidelity include:

  • Abnormal cell phone activity, overprotective of cell phone, keeping it with them at all times, defensiveness if you touch it
  • Excessive hang-ups
  • Discreet use of computer
  • Deleted browing history on computer
  • Hiding telephone bills, call logs, bank, and credit card statements.
  • Excessive arguing
  • Excessive overtime
  • Defensiveness of time away
  • Blaming
  • Projecting/accusing "you" of having an affair
  • Lack of sexual interest
  • Removal of pictures in wallet
  • Lost or removed wedding ring  


If these signs sound familiar, speak with someone who is patient, kind, and compassionate. We will take the time to explain every step of the process. This will enable the person to take control of their future and start to feel better.

Other Services



We conduct surveillance and location photography for a number of reasons.  Usually when you request surveillance you are pretty certain that something is going on, you just need proof.  So whether it's a spouse, business partner, or whomever, if handled expertly and professionally, this type of investigation can yield evidence that will confirm your suspicions.  We will provide you with photographic and/or video evidence.  Conversely, you may need to preserve a situation, accident scene, or loss with photography.  You can count on us to deliver the highest quality photography available.

  • Domestic Cases  
  • Insurance Fraud
  • Tracking a Teen
  • Child Custody Cases
  • Verifying Employment
  • Workers Compensation
  • Infidelity/Matrimonial
  • Accident scenes


Background Investigations

Employee Integrity

One of the most difficult tasks for business owners is to find, recruit, and hire the right person.  An employee who will help them become successful in business.  You don't have to be a Fortune 500 Company to protect your business.  

Every businessperson should be conducting background checks on serious applicants.   Do they have money problems? Move around a great deal?  Would you like to see a profile that goes beyond their resume?   We can verify employment and interview references, even past neighbors to help you evaluate the applicant's character.  We provide due diligence investigations and pre-employment background checks.  We will take the uncertainty out of your hands and provide you with the facts you need to make a good decision.


Business Partners & Investment Backgrounds

Alternatively, maybe it's a potential business partner you want to investigate.  If you are considering a partnership with someone, are you willing to bet your business, and potentially your life savings, on someone you don't really know?   Consider a background investigation before putting your future on the line.

Smart investors research companies before investing their hard-earned money.  A business or company may seem legitimate, but without researching it, you really have no idea. A plush office, or snazzy web page could just be a well-hatched scam. We will do due diligence investigations on companies and their principles to help you make an educated  decision and investment.