Fire Investigations


Arson accounts for billions of dollars in property loss each year, in both public and private sectors. If you have a suspicious fire, you should have it investigated.  Be completely sure that it was not an act of vengeance.  If it is, it most likely will not stop there. Some arsonists are professionals, and are experienced at staging fires to look like accidents, and foul play may not be detected through an investigation conducted by your local fire department.   


We will examine the physical scene by examining the structure or scene for fire patterns and evidence.  We can collect evidence such as glass, metal, charred wood, and accelerant residue and have it analyzed in relation to the cause of the fire. 

We examine burn patterns,  and photograph damage and evidence related to the cause of the fire.  

Sometimes a definitive cause of a fire may never determined due to lack of physical evidence.   In such cases “Negative Corpus”  is used, which is the practice of eliminating all other possible accidental sources of the fire, leaving the one cause that they submit as the most likely source of the fire.  Insurance companies will often pay based on this “Negative Corpus” deductive reasoning, since no proof of any other fire cause exists.  



Signs of arson include:

Large amount of damage
Low burning with an unidentifiable point of origin
No "V" burn patterns present
Unusual burn patterns and high heat stress
Lack of accidental causes
Separate and unconnected fires
Windows blown away from structure
Evidence of forced entry
Missing inventory in businesses, and missing personal items in a home
Fire extending beyond the perimeter of the structure

So whether you are the homeowner, landlord, or insurance company, our fire investigation services can be invaluable to you!