Legal nurse consulting services


Your time is valuable, let us do the medical legwork...

Our Legal Nurse Consultants use their medical knowledge and expertise to consult on any medical case. We have extensive knowledge of medical terminology, procedures, and protocols. We will research, identify, and highlight Standards of Care, and deviations thereof.   We know what should and should not be documented in the medical record. 


Today's medical-legal issues are complicated...

Our consultants will untangle the medical record and present the facts in a way that will help you win your case.  Significant medical events will be highlighted to clarify how they fit into the overall case analysis. Breach of duty, causation, and damages will be clarified.   Medical issues will be identified, and the case will be assessed for merit, based on medical records available.  After reviewing the medical records, a detailed summary and analysis identifying the strengths and weaknesses of the claim will be provided to you at your request. 


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